Restaurants & bars

M/S Stena Spirit will not leave you hungry or thirsty. There's a selection of restaurants with light- and hot meals, and always a cold beer in a bar nearby.


Restauracja Taste
Taste Buffet

Buffet full of unique flavors. All inclusive dinner buffet with wine and beer is especially recommend.

You'll find there dozens of dishes and additives, and may compose a dinner on your own way and according to your own taste. Welcome to the realm of flavors!

Restauracja Food City
Food City

In the Food City you will spend many happy hours. Here, in a relaxed atmosphere, you can eat a delicious dinner, which is derived from the classic taste, like barbecued ribs, chicken legs and roast salmon. Food City is something more than self-service restaurant! It's also a great place to relax during the trip.

Restauracja Metropolitan
Metropolitan Grill

The elegant restaurant on the deck 9th. Here you will taste delicious meals from around the world. Chef also offers dishes of Polish and Swedish cuisine. The menu changes with the seasons, and the waiters are always available to help.

Bar C-View
C-view bar

Disco, a bar and and the best music on the sea! Spacious room with a central dance floor, overlooking the sea, spacious bar, a stage and a modern audio-video system. It's the perfect place to relax while traveling. We offer a wide selection of spirits and gourmet drinks - prepared by our bartenders.

Kawiarnia Ristretto

Inspiring Coffee menu surrounded by encouraging conversations.

Ristretto Coffee House will inspire you a real sea flavor and a pleasant interior.Everyone will find something special for yourself. We also offer Italian sandwiches, sweets, salads and beverages.

Riva Bar
Riva bar

Come on board high-speed boat Riva! Stylish shaped like a boat bar offers a wide selection of drinks and dishes inspired by Italian cuisine. Comfortable, modern chairs set with large windows allow you to relax and enjoy the view of the sea.